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Product Description

Eaton Easy E4 – Smart Relay Software

Eaton’s EasySoft software is used to program easy controllers and displays. The software provides circuit diagram input and editing and the diagrams can be displayed in the format desired. An integrated offline simulation tool allows users to test a circuit diagram before commissioning. It supports users who are configuring, programming and defining parameters for all the intelligent relays and creating visualization functions for the MFD displays.

  • Existing programs that were created with previous series for (easy500/700/800) can be simply transferred to the easyE4 PLC with automatic conversion of visualizations with easySoft 7
  • Four programming languages:
    1.  Structured text (ST)
    2  Function block diagram (FBD)
    3  Ladder diagram (LD)
    4  Easy programming language – event-driven programming (EDP)
  • Interrupt function blocks
  • New function blocks
    1  Data logger (DL)
    2  Alarm function block (AL)
    3  Weekly timer (WT)
    4  Yearly timer (YT)
  • Oscilloscope feature (can be used both online or offline)
  • Web server functionality

PDF Downloads

Eaton EasyE4 Series Datasheet

PDF Downloads

Eaton EasyE4 Series Manual
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