Drives & Motion

Seagate Controls offers a large selection of AC Drives, DC Drives, Plug-in Relays, Motor Disconnect Switches, Main Breakers, Contactors & Overloads to run your motor needs..  Seagate offers Eaton, LS USA, Dart, and Altech product lines.

Electrical drives control the speed, RPM and direction of a motor. Variable frequency drives (VFD) provides speed control for AC motors in conveyors, pumps, and fans.. Soft starters provide energy-efficient control of motor operation. DC drives provide variable speed control for DC motors.  Typical applications requiring low speed control, torque and power use DC motors.

Many applications also require Circuit protection and Disconnect means for running these AC and DC motor application.  Main Circuit breakers, Motor Starters,and Disconnects allow to meet those requirements.

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