Band, Strip & Cartridge Heaters

Seagate can offer rapid shipping on most band, strip or cartride heater designs.

  • Seagate can have assmbled the Watlow Firerod Cartridge heater with a wide range of lead options, voltage/wattage combinations and physical sizes, which normally ship in One business day.
  • Seagate can have made a Mica or Mineral Insulated bands built for any size, voltage or wattage requirement.
  • Seagate can have assembled the Watlow 375 Strip with mounting tabs and post terminals, which can normally ship in One busines day. Seagate can also have made both Mica or Cermaic Stirps in any size, voltage or wattage design.

Contact Seagate today to have a special designed and or custom heater made.

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