XTCEXFAC40 auxiliary


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Product Description

Eaton XTCE Contactors:

The Eaton XTCE makes installation and maintenance easy with DIN rail mounting for devices up to 65A, reversing and stardelta (wye-delta) wiring link kits, and modular combination motor controllers. There’s nothing better than controlling the cost and timing of a project. The XTCE series helps take the worry out of project management.  DIN rail mounting gives OEMs the ability to save installation time – devices just snap-on to the DIN rail. With the DIN rail mounting adapter, combination motor controllers can now be mounted on a single DIN rail instead of two. The adapter allows product to be removed with fewer wiring hassles. Contactors can be removed from the combination without unwiring the attached MMP from the network circuit.  Saving time and money never seems easy.

  • 2-Pole Auxiliary
  • 4NO
  • Frames B & C
  • Front Mount
  • Touchsafe

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