Watlow RM Series Multi-Loop Controller

Watlow – RM Series

Din-rail & Rack mount controls with Ethernet

Watlow RM Control

Watlow – RM Series Controls

The Watlow RM series is an exact fit controller for your system. Utilizing six main control card platforms, The Watlow RM system is ideal for PLC integration over Ethernet IP or TCP.

  • RMC – Control Module
    RMC Control modules allow for 1-4 ramp/soak profile loops or 1-4 PID control loops, 1-4 FM Limits, 6 Digital I/O, Heater Break Current Detection, Up to 12 Outputs, and RS485 Communications. PLC logic comes standard in the RM Series
  • RMH – High Density Control Module
    RMH High Density Control module allows for 4, 8, 12, or 16 loops, or upto 12 Digital I/O. PLC logic comes standard in the RM Series.
  • RMS – High Density Monitor Module
    RMS High Density Scanner modules allow for 4, 8, 12, or 16 analog inputs. The RMS is used for monitoring purposes only.
  • RML – High Density FM Limit Module
    RML High Density Limit modules allow for 4 or 8 FM approved limit zones.
  • RME – Expansion I/O Module
    RME Expansion modules allow for 6 or 12 digital I/O and 4 or 8 relay outputs. PLC logic comes standard in the RM Series.
  • RMA – Communications and Data Storage Module
    RMA Access modules allow for auto-configuration of RM modules. RMA’s have real-time clock & battery backup options, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, Devicenet, or Profibus Communications. USB and SD cards can also be added for data logging extraction

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Watlow RM Series Datasheet

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Watlow RMC Manual
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