Watlow Power Series

Watlow – Power Series

SCR or Switching Device

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Watlow Power Series

Watlow – Power Series SCR

The Watlow Power Series is a microprocessor based SCR.   It can be setup to run either Zero cross switching loads or Phase angle with or without current limiting requirements  The Power Series has a Heater Diagnostic option which allows for power monitoring of your system and Heater bake out capabilities.  The Power Series is extremely versatile and is ideal SCR solution for many applications

  • Single & Three Phase Voltage Offers
  • 65-250 Amp Switching
  • Delta or Wye wired loads
  • Phase Angle or Zero Crossing configurations
  • Modbus RTU Communications Options
  • On-board Semiconductor fusing
  • SSCR 200KA
  • UL, cUL, & CE Rated

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PDF DownloadsWatlow Power Series Datasheet

PDF DownloadsWatlow Power Series Manual

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