Sy2s-05 socket


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Idec RY/RM Sockets

The adaptable RY series are available in either 2 pole (DPDT) or 4 pole (4DPDT) models. Both RY2 and RY4 models have multiple standard features, including a non-polarized green indicator LED, a mechanical indicator flag, an easily accessible and replaceable marking plate, and a manual latching lever, coded orange/red for AC coil and green/blue for DC coil.

What sets the RY relays apart from other relays is the unique internal construction. There is no internal wiring, which means no weak solder points and a completely lead-free manufacturing process. The contacts are cadmium-free as well, making the RY relays environmentally-friendly. All RY relays are also manufactured by a totally automated assembly process which means the relay is of the highest quality because the possibility of human error has been eliminated during the manufacturing process.

  • 8-Blade Mini
  • Din-rail Mount
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