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Watlow EZ-Zone PM Plus

Watlow’s PM PLUS™, the enhanced EZ-ZONE® PM, is now more intuitive and features an enhanced interface for easier programming and readability with a SMOOTH-TOUCH™ keypad creating an industry leading user experience. The PM PLUS is backwards compatible with legacy EZ-ZONE PM controllers but offers many user upgrades including an intuitive menu flow allowing the controller to be easily configured. It also continues to offer the industry leading Bluetooth® connectivity with the EZ-LINK™ mobile app for remote access capability and full descriptions of parameters and error codes. The PM PLUS improves the user experience by reducing the complexity at the front of the control while eliminating the dependency of cables when configuring the product.


  • Package Size 6 = 1/16th DIN Panel Plus
  • Primary Function C = PID Controller with Universal input
  • Power Supply 1 = 100 to 240VAC
  • Output 1 and 2 FJ – Out1 = Switch DC, Optocoupler : Out2 = Mech Relay 5A, SPST-NO
  • Communications B = Bluetooth (1/16 DIN models only)
  • Auxiliary Control Functions A = None
  • Output 3 and 4 EJ – Out3 =Mech Relay 5A, SPDT : Out4 = Mech Relay 5A, SPST-NO
  • Menu Type P = PM PLUS standard (isolated input 1, input 2 is always isolated)
  • Custom Options WP = Watlow PM PLUS face plate

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100-240V AC



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