FMHA-CAAA-AAAA hi-density i/o module


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Watlow F4T Touch Screen Process Controller

Watlow F4T 1/4 DIN Touch Screen Process Controller

The F4T with INTUITION® temperature process controller from Watlow® offers a wide range of field removable I/O modules for maximum design flexibility. Configurations can be custom tailored to meet the scaling needs of a tremendous range of equipment and applications while providing exactly the hardware types required for compatibility. The F4T controller also features a 4.3 inch, color, graphical touch panel. Combining power, flexibility and functionality, this new controller offers unmatched versatility, and its best-in-class ease of use could very well make user manuals a thing of the past.


  • Module ID Type H = High Density I/O
  • Functions and I/O C = 6 Digital Inputs/Outputs
  • Custom Connectors & Options A = Right angle screw connector (standard)
  • Custom Firmware, Overlay, Presets AA = Standard with quick start guide

Watlow F4T with INTUITION® Integrated Process Controller

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