Flange Mount Immersion Heaters

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Flange mount immersion heaters are used in both circulation heater and process tank applications. The Watlow Flange mount immersion heater is offered in both Watrod & Firebar heater element designs. They are used for process heating for tanks and washers with optional thermostats or limit contactors integrated into the terminal housing.

  • 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8 Flange Mounting
  • ANSI Pressure Rated Flanges
  • 120, 240, & 480V Ratings
  • 8w/ft, 23w/ft, 45w/ft, 60w/ft Watt Density Ratings
  • Nema 1, 4/4x, 7 Rated Housings
  • Optional Thermostats & Limit Contactors
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