Pdg13g0080tffj Power Defense Breaker


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Product Description

Eaton Power Defense Series:

The Power Defense MCCB portfolio is globally adaptive to your footprint no matter the application or project requirement. All frames have the availability of global certifications including IEC, CCC, UL® and CSA®. Eaton’s best-in-class support enables you to order readily available product for on-time delivery, across the globe. Embedded in the Power Defense portfolio, Power Xpert® Release (PXR) electronic trip units for global low-voltage commercial and industrial applications are Eaton’s latest innovation in circuit protection technology. They are designed to help you simplify your communications, enhance your protection and support your energy metering.Available with adjustable magnetic settings, and for IEC markets, adjustable thermal settings. For NEMA markets, fixed magnetic and fixed thermal settings are options. Four-pole options with 0%, 60% and 100% protection are available A fully adjustable trip unit with LSI and LSIG protection capabilities. This trip unit offers more advanced features than ever before at this level, including current metering, programmable relays, and optional embedded communications to enable seamless integration into control and communication systems


  • Frame: 1
  • 3-Pole
  • Amperage: 80Amps
  • Fixed Thermal
  • Fixed Magnetic
  • 35kA @ 480V SCCR Rating
  • Line and Load Terminals

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