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Bardac PX/L DC Drive

Bardac DC Regen PL/X Drive

The PL/X series DC Drive is a fully digital DC drive system providing 10HP – 2000HP+ output power. Available in 2Q (single direction) and 4Q (fully regenerative) variants, the range comprises 5 compact chassis sizes with models rated from 12A to 2250A output current. The PL/X boasts an extremely versatile operating input voltage range of 12V – 500VAC as standard. Options are available for 600V and 690VAC input.


  • Pre-configured generic apps are available for Open & Closed Loop Winders, Position Controls, Coordinated Line Drives, Indexing, registration and others.
  • PID blocks, Parameter profiler, Winder reel diameter calculator, Winder taper tension calculator, Winder torque/inertia/friction compensator, Preset speed function, Two summers, Software “motorized pot”, Interval timer, Current profiling, Zero speed with shaft position lock, Jog / crawl functions, Two filters, Dual motor swap, Latch, Sample & hold function, Auto self-tune current loop, Linear and S-ramps, Slack take-up, Batch Counter, Draw control
  • 8 analog inputs & 4 analog outputs (12 bits)
  • All outputs short circuit protected
  • All inputs over voltage protected up to +50V
  • Inputs configurable 5 to 30V
  • Input volts programmable up to +/-30V

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