Altech RP Earth Leakage Breaker

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Product Description

Altech RP – Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

RCCB Series compact Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers detect and interrupt earth (ground) faults. They are VDE approved for the European system of protecting people, animals, equipment and property from dangerous line-to-ground and shock hazard cur rents. US applications include ground fault protection of equipment (GFPE) using the 10mA and 30mA fault current ratings, especially when high distributed capacitance or other leakages cause excessive nuisance trips at lower fault cur rents. Applications for the 300mA and 500mA ratings are equipment protection and fire prevention, limiting the energy of a fault to less than the minimum ignition energy for many materials.

  • 2 or 4 Pole
  • 16-125 Amp
  • 10, 30, 300, 550mA Trip Fault
  • DIN Rail Mounted
  • 10kA Short Circuit Interrupting Capacity
  • Positive Trip indicator


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Altech RP Series Datasheet
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