Safety Disconnect Switch

The Eaton Safety Switch product offering has two points of contact to provide a positive open and close, easier operation, and also help prevent contact burning for longer contact life.  A clear line shield which protects against accidental contact with energized parts.  The Eaton DH switches have probe holes enabling the user to test if the line side is energized without removing the shield.   Offered with built-In fuse Pullers (NEMA 12 and 4X 30–200A Only) provide easy removal of fuses.  They also have a clearly visible handle for the position (ON or OFF) which can be clearly seen from a distance and the length provides for easy operation.  Triple padlocking capability of the cabinet door can be further padlocked at the top and bottom as applicable.  With interlocking mechanism the door cannot be opened when the handle is in the ON position. Front and side operable defeater mechanism provides for user access when necessary on single- throw switches
NEMA Types 1 and 3R enclosures through 200A

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