Watlow Din-a-Mite D Series

The Watlow DIN-A-MITE Style D power controller provides a low cost, highly compact and versatile solid state option for controlling electric heat.  You also get all the quality you expect from a Watlow designed and manufactured product.  DIN-rail and back panel mounting is standard on every controller.  There is no need to worry about mercury, the DIN-A-MITE controller is mercury free.

The DIN-A-MITE Style D is capable of zero cross switching up to 100 amps single-phase, at 600V(ac) at 86F(30C) depending on the model selected.  Combined with the input of two or three controllers you can control three-phase.  It is totally touch-safe and includes standard back panel mounting, on-board semiconductor fuses (accessible from the front) and current transformer option for external load current monitoring.  An optional “shorted SCR detector” feature is available on some models.  This model is UL508 and C-UL and CE approved.  These agency approval are ideal for those panel builders that require agency approval on their panels and cabinets.

Variable time base, 4-20mA process control or V(ac/dc) input contactor version are available.  All configurations are model number dependant and factory selectable.  This power controller also includes 200KA short circuit current ratings (SCCR) tested up to 480V(ac) to provent arch flash with required fusing.

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