Programmable Logic Controller

Eaton PLC Products

PLC or Programmable Logic Controls are the method that most OEM's setup up their systems to run.  With simple logic, high speed counters, networking communications, PLC's offer the most bang for their buck.  They also make a system or equipment proprietary and specific to that manufacture.  With a very cost-effective price per I/O point, PLC's meets the needs of machinery OEMs low-cost and compact I/O systems.

The tool-less assembly saves time in connecting modules on a DIN rail and the PUSH-IN technology makes wiring up the I/O a breeze. Status LEDs on all I/O points make it easy to quickly identify any wiring errors and to determine current signal conditions.

Bundled with Visual Designer and CoDeSys 3 on an XV300 HMI-PLC, you get the smallest, most cost-effective and powerful HMI-PLC and SCADA system available on the market. This industry leading combination of compact I/O solutions and HMI-PLCs can significantly reduce the overall control panel size.

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