Repeat & Single Shot Timer

Repeat timers also known a recycle timers, have either fixed or adjustable on and off time settings. The repeat timing mode is ideal to jogging & alternating applications. Pluggable in a standard 8 pin socket and offered with 10 amp contacts. From 1 to 50 hours selectable both for the on and off time settings These timers are powered by 24 thru 240VAC power. Great for lighting or pump alternating applications.

Single shot timers are similar to off delay in that they always have power applied. The single shot timers have a trigger function which allows for either contact or voltage input. When the input is triggered contacts will transfer and time delay will begin. At the end of the time delay the contacts will transfer back.

Another model single shot is called a re-trigger able single shot. This timer will allow for time delay to be restarted when the timer has been retriggered. By triggering the input multiple times the last trigger will start the time delay again.

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