W12 Photoelectric Sensors

The W12 Photoelectric family can be used for a wide range of sensing applications to detect all object types in any environment.

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W12 Photoelectric Sensors

The W12 Sensor Series

The W12 is an robust metal body, offered in all forms of sensing technology. Precise switching, uniform housing for all applications.

  • Proximity, RetroReflective, Background Suppression, Foreground Suppression, Laser, Autocollimation, Clear Object Detection
  • IR, LED, PinPoint LED and Laser light sources
  • Single and Dual Teach-in Button, Potentiometer,  I-O Link
  • Rugged Metal Housing
  • Models up to 20 Meters
  • Cable or Quick Disconnect
  • DC Powered

Sick W12 Series Datasheet

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