Trispector 3D Cameras

Sick Trispector Series

Trispector1000, Trispector1030, Trispector1060 models

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Product Description

Sick Trispector – 3D Vision Inspection

The Trispector mixes both Inspection camera and a laser sensors to create a 3D image.  The user can then use inspections tools against a 3D image in motion.  Offered in three Trispector models for range of scanning, the 1000, 1030, 1060.

  • Position, Inspection, or Position & Inspection Models
  • High Speed Part Detection
  • Powerful Object Locator Tools
  • On-board Lighting with Dome Light Options
  • Configurable with Ethernet TCP/IP
  • HMI Integrated for Inspections Viewing
  • Die Cast IP67 Housing

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