SICK TiM3 Area Scanners

Sick TiM1 Series Safety Area Scanner

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SICK TiM1 Safety Area Scanners

Sick TiM3 Series:

Although each of these Lidar sensors has its own particular strengths in surface monitoring, they all share some common and highly impressive features. all of the scanners in the tim series work with the Hddm technology developed by SicK, for example, enabling them to deliver particularly stable measured values. Everything works highly efficiently too, because all the Lidar sensors can be integrated into your plant quickly and easily. Hddm/Hddm+ technology SicK’s innovative Hddm technology produces very stable measurements: multiple laser pulses are emitted in a swift chronological sequence and their reflections from the measuring object are calculated to produce a mean value. this approach ensures seamless scanning and reliable results, even in the presence of dirt, dust, moisture, and ambient light. the Lidar sensors in the tim1xx product family use the more advanced Hddm+ technology. they are able to deliver even more reliable measured values due to low noise in the measured value data


  • Light Weight
  • Compact Frame
  • Single Switched Output
  • Utilizing New LDR – Time of Flight Measurement

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