Gfd-100 Ground Fault Display 208-600v


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Product Description

ATC GFD Series:

The ATC Diversified Electronics GFD Series is intended for the use on ungrounded systems to detect and indicate the phase of the first ground fault condition . This enables corrective action to avoid the potential hazards resulting from a second ground fault .With nominal 3 phase line voltage applied, a flashing NORMAL green LED gives indication of a non-fault condition and integrity of the wire connection to the corresponding phase . A flashing red LED gives positive FAULT indication of either a phase-toground fault, or a lost connection to the corresponding phase . NOTE: Distributed capacitance to ground or equally loaded phases to ground will de-sensitize detection and will require lower phase-to-ground resistance to produce a FAULT indication


  • 208-600 VAC Phase-to-Phase
  • Three Phase
  • 1/2″ Knockout Mount
  • 9mA Fault

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ATC GFD Datasheet
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