Eaton E65 SM Photoelectric

E65 SM compact photoelectric sensors

The SM series provides high performance and ease of use in an economical, compact package. A sensor can have the greatest performance in the world, but if it is slightly misaligned or the target is positioned at the wrong range, you will have reliability problems sooner or later. TargetLock not only simplifies sensor setup but visually confirms your sensor is positioned to operate with the highest possible reliability. In addition, TargetLock provides diagnostic information during use to inform you of impending problems before they result in equipment downtime.

No sensor is easier to use

The SM Series includes many other features that simplify use. Visible sensing beams on all models show you exactly where the sensors are pointing. The durable housing features multiple mounting options to easily fit on your equipment in the tightest of spaces. Full protection from overvoltage, reverse polarity and short circuits reduces the chance of damage. Bright 360° LED indicators clearly show sensor status.

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